diya welland




For photographer Diya Welland, the magic of capturing moments in time through 'real photography' has only been enhanced with the simplicity of the digital world.

"My constant aim is to produce images which talk about relationship, about love and about how our hearts connect. When capturing heartful moments you pose, you play and be present. It is then, when the mind is flooded by the joy of what we are experiencing we show who we truly are. "

Diya has a high attention to detail and thrives on seeing through the eyes of joy illuminating presence and the potential of every person to portray who they truly know themselves to be.

Magic moments is what she aims to capture, those special, prescious times when people allow their light to shine forth without thinking 'what do I look like?'

She loves to make your portrait shoot or wedding day fun and stress free through ensuring time for those desired formal shots and as many candids as you wish for. For those who do not appreciate having a 'camera in their faces', Diya is apt to use her zoom lens and float in the background giving your photographs a 'natural' and less posed look.

"In todays world of digital photography, cameras and photographers seem to be everywhere. For many couples who come to Rarotonga to celebrate their relationship and confirm their commitment to each other, they do not want to have sore jaw muscles at the end of the day, nor do they want to have me up close and personal. Having the freedom to photograph the ceremony and capture their special togetherness afterwards is an honor, and going telephoto makes that supremely easy."

Diya is inspired by the beauty, strength and passions which every individual exhibits when they allow themselves to play. Her photographic eye has been inflluenced by her father, Artist Rick Welland and her uncle who was a proffessional photographer in Hawaii.

"At the age of thirteen, I was handed a minolta and at that moment, fell in love with the world of details and being able to percieve a photograph which in the future I would look upon and with delight say.. 'I remember when...' "

Now at the age of 40, she uses her years of life experience to enhance her photo shoots with flexibility and authenticity to ensure her clients receive the kind of experience and images they seek.